Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chapter Eight

1)     Most teachers are required to assign a grade, or a mark, to all subject areas at report time. How can we ensure this does not interfere with the growth mindset that we are helping to instill?

2)     What types of self-assessment are you currently using? (please add the grade you teach) After reading this chapter are you considering adding any other types of self-assessment?

3)     Reflecting/consolidating are important pieces to learning and understanding more specifically what we are learning. To me this seems more difficult to do in primary. Please share some ways you have been successful in having students be reflective of their learning.

4)     How do you communicate to students and parents the 3rd part of A4L, how to close the gap?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chapter Seven: From Tracking to Growth Mindset Grouping

Greetings, I apologize for the lateness of my questions/discussion points. If you choose not to use them due to my tardiness I understand. 

1. In what ways are you currently using tracking in relation to mathematics in your classroom? What adjustments can be made to "de-track" your students? 

2. Can you share examples of complex tasks that are not only culturally responsive; but also incorporate social, math and logic skills that you have utilized in your classroom? Please provide photographs when appropriate. 

 3. On pages 132 & 133 Boaler discusses roles which students can engage in when working as a group. What roles do you deem as appropriate in early learning settings? Are their additional roles as well? I look forward to your response.